Twitter Stats: 20 June

Another week, another new category. At the end of this post you will find the stats for candidates. I am not dividing it by party, but I am doing a top 5. As new candidates are added, they will start being counted on their second friday in the data collection. So the Internet Party candidates will be measured from next week. I am not really that surprised by the candidates that have taken it out this week. Richard Hills is the Labour candidate in Northcote, and Marama Davidson is the Green Candidate in Tamaki Makaurau. They are both reasonably young candidates. Positions 2 through 4 are occupied by Green Candidates, which is indicative of the wider trend of the Greens having a better grasp of social media.  Tamati Coffey (Labour, Rotorua) blows everyone out of the water with 155 new followers, but he has over 25,000, and we all know, the more followers you have, the easier it is to gain followers. Ian Cummings, (ACT, Hunua) makes an interesting appearance with 45 new followers. He doesn’t have a very high profile nationally, so that is a good effort. Lewis Holden and Chris Bishop, (National, Rimutaka and Lower Hutt), make an appearance in in the most favourites section, which shows some level of engagement with followers.


A few surprises in the MPs category, though Tau Henare being the most active MP isn’t really that surprising. But Melissa Lee makes an appearance in the top three for National. The surprise, that shouldn’t really be a surprise, is Ruth Dyson, she grabs third for the 4th or 5th week, at least, in a row. I follow her, and haven’t really noticed her being that active, but the figures don’t lie. So keep an eye out for a MPs on Twitter post about her. The biggest change though is there have been 3 MPs who have left Twitter this week, Clayton Cosgrove, Lindsy Tisch and Chris Auchinvole. They weren’t very active, so it isn’t really surprising that they have left.


Everything else is pretty much as to be expected. National’s figures are still pretty low, with 1 in 3 MPs on Twitter having sent 0 tweets this week. They also fall below the over all average for both tweets and new followers. This is a growing trend for National. Even taking out 2 of their MPs, they still 3 times as many MPs who sent no tweets as Greens and Labour combined. If MPs don’t feel Twitter is for them, they should close down their accounts and leave. There is no point in having a social media account that isn’t social.

Most Tweets by an MP:

National: Tau Henare 496, Paul Foster Bell 65, Melissa Lee 47.

Labour: Clare Curran 127, Trevor Mallard 81, Ruth Dyson 47.

Greens: Julie Anne Genter 118, Gareth Hughes 82, Russel Norman 72.

NZF: Tracey Martin 22, Asenati Taylor 8, Winston Peters 2.

Others: Peter Dunne 86, Te Ururoa Flavell 49.

Most New Followers by an MP:

National: John Key 339, Judith Collins 66, Nikki Kaye 51.

Labour: David Cunliffe 135, Jacinda Ardern 110, David Shearer 54.

Greens: Russel Norman 81, Julie Anne Genter and Metiria Turei 48, Gareth Hughes 47.

NZF: Winston Peters 51, Tracey Martin 10, Asenati Taylor 7.

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 35, Peter Dunne 19.


Most New Favourites:

National: Tau Henare 226, Paul Foster Bell 53, Claudette Hauiti 33.

Labour: Clare Curran 30, David Clark 24, Grant Robertson 12.

Greens: Julie Anne Genter 67, Kevin Hague 60, Gareth Hughes 21.

NZF: Asenati Taylor 1.

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 20, Peter Dunne and Brendan Horan 4.


Average Tweets per MP: 21.06

National: 20.56

Labour: 16.42

Greens: 34.00

NZF: 8.00

Others: 27.5



Average New Followers per MP: 20.14

National: 18.35

Labour: 20.90

Greens: 25.93

NZF: 18.25

Others: 18.33


Zero Tweet MPs:

National: 15 (31.25%)

Labour: 5 (15.6%)

Greens: 0 (0%)



Most Tweets: Internet Party 108, Greens 98, Labour 23.

Most New Followers: Internet Party 296, Greens 86, Labour 81.

Most New Favourites: Internet Party 69, Maori Party 31, Greens 26.


Press Gallery:

Most Tweets: Jessica Williams, 129, Laura McQuillan 128, Andrea Vance 78.

Most New Followers: Patrick Gower 112, Laura McQuillan 60, Andrea Vance 52.

Most New Favourites: Laura McQuillan 137, Lloyd Burr 62, Hamish Rutherford 41.


Candidates (not divided by party, so will go to 5 places. Candidates will start being counted on their second Friday on the list)

Most Tweets: Richard Hills 171, Marama Davidson 95, John Hart 73, James Shaw 67, John Kelcher 58.

Most New Followers: Tamati Coffey 155, Ian Cummings 45, Marama Davidson and Arena Williams 24, John Hart 20.

Most New Favourites: Richard Hills 129, Lewis Holden 81, Marama Davidson 51, Christopher Bishop 35, Jack McDonald 32