Twitter Stats: 30 May

Most Tweets by MP:

National: Tau Henare 243, Steven Joyce 33, Chris Tremain 30.

Labour: Clare Curran 246, Trevor Mallard 84, Ruth Dyson 77.

Greens: Julie Anne Genter 142, Metiria Turei 119, Russel Norman 97.

NZF: Tracey Martin 8, Winston Peters, Richard Prosser, Asenati Taylor all on 2.

Others: Peter Dunne 96, Te Ururoa Flavell 80.

Most new followers by MP:

National: John Key 336, Nikki Kaye 80, Steven Joyce 63.

Labour: Jacinda Ardern 130, David Cunliffe 124, Grant Roberson 70.

Greens: Russel Norman 89, Metiria Turei 68, Julie Anne Genter 53.

NZF: Winston 69, Asenati Taylor 13.

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 57, Peter Dunne 39.


Average Tweets per MP:

Overall: 22.64

National: 13.23

Labour: 27.13

Greens: 50.64

NZF: 3.5

Others: 26.14


Average new followers per MP

Overall: 26.11

National: 25.98

Labour: 26.17

Greens: 28.43

NZF: 25.25

Others: 26.29


Zero Tweet MPs:

National: 13 (27.03%)

Labour: 6 (20%)

Greens: 0 (0%)

NZF: 0 (o%)

Other: 2 (28.57%)



Most Tweets: Greens 86, Internet Party 78, Labour 23.

Most new followers: Internet Party 234, Labour 84, Greens 68.


Once again, National top the stats for the party with the most MPs not tweeting, both in raw numbers and percentage. Once again Tau heads the list with the most tweets for National. His leaving Parliament will have a significant impact on the National Party’s social media presence. Along with the loss of Judith, there will be a large hole to be filled.

Te Ururoa and Peter Dunne once again put in solid efforts. They are both very underrated for their social media work. They could both teach other MPs a thing or two. If the Maori Party bring in any new MPs after the election, I hope that Te Ururoa guides them in the social media area, but also lets them find their own way as well.


Like the Labour Party account last week, David Cunliffe’s account has been on a bit of a following spree which will have helped lift his new followers.


This week is pretty much as to be expected, apart from the fact that the Internet Party, in the week they announced the alliance with the Mana party, and the selection of their new leader, didn’t send the most tweets.