Another curve ball?

This election is looking to be the election of the non politician. So far we have had Kim Dot Com, Nicky Hager, Cameron Slater and David Farrar in the headlines. There has been talk of a focus on personalities and dirty politics over issues of policy. Could it be that there is about to be another, so far rather circumspect, personality inject themselves into the election?


Mona Dotcom has been doing a reasonably good job staying out of the limelight during the election so far. The only time that she has gained much of a profile, or coverage, was during the period around the alleged break up. There was also the family trip to Queenstown where she made appearances in Kim’s photos.


However today she has sent the following, rather cryptic tweet:


It isn’t immediately clear who, or what she is talking about. But one possible reading is that Kim is doing playing happy families and Mona and the kids are no longer a welcome part of the setting at the mansion and that Kim is wanting to move on and focus on his political plans for the country, whatever they may be.


Will Mona Dotcom become that latest non politician to have a major impact on this election? Are the actions of Kim Dotcom, father and husband, going to become an election issue for Kim Dotcom, businessman and political party founder, funder and “visionary”?