Asenati and Laura

Earlier today Asenati LoleTaylor tweeted something, that if true, would be a huge story.


If it were true that one of the major radio news outlets in NZ had a policy of not including Pasefika MPs, there would be a huge number of questions being asked. However, given her track record on Twitter, people have already started to ask for evidence.


But the bigger issue for Asenati is that both Laura McQuillan and Felix Marwick are on Twitter. Laura has taken to Twitter to question Asenati’s view of things.


Asenati hasn’t taken well to this.


I suspect that Asenati’s response is a reference to the tag line on Kiwiblog. But it is still not a good idea to go there. As Ross McDougall states at the end, does Asenati only talk to reporters who are sympathetic to her?

Here is the string of replies to Laura’s tweet.




Asenati has no one to blame but herself in this. When questioned, her first recourse is to abuse and attack those asking questions. She obviously has a track record of blocking people. But the fact that she blocks reporters, and when asked why can’t explain it, has to raise questions.


Based on what I have seen online, and heard from sources, Asenati is an example of an MP who does not know how social media works. She has either not been given training, and support, by her party, or has been and has decided to ignore it. She is a laughing stock among politically interested Twitter users. On social media she is a liability to her party. She has been for at least 2 years. However my limited interactions with her in real life suggest that her social media persona is an accurate portrayal of her.  She should serve as case study for parties and whips in the coming term, on what can happen when support and training are not given.


Update 1:

Asenati has continued the abuse and attacks.


Is it a wise idea for an MP, from a party currently polling under 5%, to be openly attacking the media? Is it not in the public interest for voters to know if a journalist is being abusive to MPs? If Asenati has evidence of this, should she produce it?