#AskJacinda part 2

In my blog post about Jacinda Ardern’s #AskJacinda project, one of my questions was about how she was going to deal with people who wanted to ask a question, but don’t have a social media account. Jacinda was kind enough to reply to my tweet about the blog post with an explanation.


Her team have created post cards that will be left at places around the electorate for people to use to ask questions. They are free post, to be sent to Jacinda to answer. She plans on putting them up on her Facebook Page with the answers, so that other people can see the questions and the answer.



So often, social media is seen as a stand alone thing, that exists in its own world, but it doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, be a stand alone thing. Jacinda is proving that with a bit of planning and thinking, social media can play a role in interacting with people who don’t normally engage in social media.