Beginning of the end: Reporters on Twitter?



One of the things that I have enjoyed about Twitter is seeing the direct quotes and observations from reporters during that day. Things that are interesting and help build a full picture of what is going on, but that may not make the nightly news bulletin, or the story on the website. This information is important. But I have seen, or heard, a number of reporters commenting on the state of Twitter and some of the things they are subject too on there. I have already said that I have seen many examples of reporters, or corporate media accounts, getting attacked as being biased because they carry a direct quote from or about a party/MP/candidate that the attacker doesn’t like. Well it looks like this is starting to take its toll:


If reporters start to leave Twitter will we be better served as citizens and news consumers? I don’t think so. Therefore it is up to the users of Twitter to make sure that even if we disagree with how reporters are doing their job, we should still be civilised and respectful with our criticism.



Alex Coleman has some interesting observations that I might talk about later, if I can find time.