Chris Hipkins speaks his mind

One of the great things about social media is that it allows MPs and candidates to speak their mind. In the past the ability for candidates to speak openly was limited in the number of people they could do it to. At a public meeting, there might be 300 people, if they were lucky. Or they could talk to 20 or 30 people while walking the street of the towns, or town centres, in their electorate. However now, they can speak their mind to thousands of people, and it is a lot harder for the party to control what is being said.


Chris Hipkins has done just that today. He has already lashed out at the Internet Mana party in the past. He has done so again today.





It is good to see an MP speaking their mind. Is this another sign of a split within the Labour Party when it comes to the issue of dealing with the Internet Mana Party? It is already pretty clear where Chris stands on the issue of the Internet Mana Party. Even if it isn’t a sign of a split, it is a sign that Chris is a man of conviction, and is willing to stand up and be counted. But that is something we may not have been able to see in the past, as much, without social media.