Darien Fenton and “morons”

I would hope at this stage, we wouldn’t have to be talking about the basic rules of being a politician to our MPs but it looks like we do. But it looks like a Labour MPs has broken the first rule, don’t insult voters.


A bit of background first, this morning the Herald ran a bit of a non story, about a joke in the new Lego Movie.  There have been a number of tweets this morning questioning the point of the story. One of them was this one which is a fair comment, with no overly nasty undertones.

darien 5


Darien obviously saw this tweet. Her response is questionable at best.

darien 6

Abusing and insulting voters, of any colour, is not a good look. Even more so when it turns out that the person concerned is one of your voters.

darien 4

Her comment will turn into a bigger talking point on Twitter than the original story.


darien 2

darien 3