David Cunliffe: MIA

If you are leader of the opposition, 5 months out from election day what is the last thing you want people talking about? I would put you being talked about as missing in action by the media right at the top of the list. But that is the talk going around Twitter this morning. First Tweet I saw was this:

cunliffe 9


This has been added too with tweets from:

cunliffe 7

cunliffe 3

cunliffe 10



So David Cunliffe has forgone 3 major chances to get media coverage in 18 hours, all without notice. These tweets have prompted a lot of comments on Twitter.

cunliffe 2

cunliffe 5


This has resulted in some speculating on the reasons behind his MIA status.

cunliffe 1

cunliffe 4


If you are a party leader you and your media staff must realise, in this day and age, things like this will be talked about on social media, people will jump to conclusions, people will look for explanations and they may not be the explanations that you want them to look for. So plan for this. Have things ready to go to explain it and seriously consider things before cancelling. If you do cancel things, or miss things, don’t then complain when you don’t get media coverage.




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