David Cunliffe with some cops

David Cunliffe has been on a trip to the West Coast. As many of you will know, the West Coast is the birth place of the Labour Party. However the photo that they have decided to use to promote this trip is the one below:

Cunliffe the cop

Now I know dealing with kids isn’t easy, but if you are running a social media account wouldn’t you go out of your way to make sure that the photo you used had kids that were equally excited to be in it as the MP? Why not use a photo of the lunch with a group of students from the local high school he attended today instead? Is it because of how he responded when asked by a student about his thoughts on the Internet Party/Mana Party:

‘We’re the big gorilla, and they’re just a little monkey, and so I don’t worry about them, I just worry about the big gorilla, and it’s my job after the election to sort out the whole zoo.’

Or the fact that there were more students at the event than party members?


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