Green Party door knocking graphic

It seems that every party has been out door knocking in strength this weekend. My Facebook feed has been full of cellphone photos of MPs and candidates out there, door knocking. However, it is nice to the Greens producing a great graphic to try and get more people out there with them.


A simple, well balanced image, one that doesn’t involve those in the image standing awkwardly looking at the camera. It has enough empty space to place the text in. The one thing I don’t like about it is the fact they have cut off the feet with the semi transparent text box at the bottom. Most images that you see in party graphics that feature MPs fall into two categories, they are either posed photos around Parliament or party events, or they focus on the party leaders. It is good to see the Greens using other MPs, and using images that are of MPs out doing what MPs do.


Once again, we see the Greens leading the field in social media.



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