Greens attempt humour

So I assume everyone saw the story yesterday about Gerry Brownlee and the incident at Christchurch airport? The reason Gerry was in a rush, was to make his flight to return to Wellington to be in the House for question time. The Greens have attempted to make light of the situation with the following tweet, sent yesterday.


Now I think this is a good attempt at humour, without too much malice. However, one friend I showed it to said that it would have worked better coming from the account of a real person, as opposed to an organisation. I can see where they were coming from. However I don’t fully agree.


I think this is a sign that some within the Greens are pushing for them to be a little less serious. Which is a good thing. However, all parties need to remember, if they are going to try and use humour, it may not work with everyone.