Internet Party vs Dan Carter

Yesterday Dan Carter had an Ask Me Anything on Twitter, under the hashtag #DCPC. During which the Internet Party thought it would be a good idea to ask the following question:


One thing that is taught to criminal lawyers is to never ask, in court, a question for which you do not know the answer. Dan Carter replied to the question:


Asking this question resulted in Dan Carter, who is well regarded by many in New Zealand and has over 300,000 followers on Twitter, openly declaring his support for John Key. This also generated 99 retweets. I am not sure what the Internet Party thought they would achieve from asking that question. Following that they tweeted:


I will ignore the grammar mistake, but what did they think they would achieve with this? They didn’t get the answer they wanted, so they are going to attack the person who stated it? That is a bad approach to take in any situation, but when it is a high profile, much loved figure in New Zealand Sport, who has 300,000 plus followers, it really isn’t a good idea.