John Key and David Cunliffe’s Facebook Pages

Earlier today I posted a blog about the changes in party Facebook pages since February, someone on Twitter suggested that I do something similar for the party leader’s Facebook pages. The Green Party co-leaders don’t have Facebook pages, they are still using Facebook profiles. This means there is no Talking about this stat for us to use to assess how things are going. So for that reason I have left them out.


David Cunliffe

As with the Labour Party page, there has been a good jump in the number of likes on the page since Feb. It has gone from 8,365 to 10,735, an increase of 2370 or 28.3%. Talking about has also gone from 1,427 to 3,601, an increase of 2,174 or 154%. Though it is interesting that they still have the same cover photo, but most people who interact with the page are unlikely to see the cover photo,as they will be commenting on things in their timeline, as opposed to on the page.

Cunliffe febDavid cunliffe april




In pure number terms, John Key’s Facebook page has gained more new likes than any other party or politician account. It has gone from 88,234 to 98,265, an increase of 10,031 or 11.3%. The interesting thing is, despite this significant increase in likes, the talking about stat has gone down, from 10,608 to 10,229, a drop of 379, or 3.6%. So it looks like the new likes are coming from people who are willing to like the page, but generally don’t interact with the page.

JK febJohn Key april




Both party leader’s pages are reaching the level of people engaging with the page that Facebook expects of pages of that size, around 10%. In fact David is out preforming that figure significantly.  John Key has a time advantage over David Cunliffe, having been the National Party leader since 2006, but to have nearly 10 times the likes of the leader of the opposition is an impressive achievement, and to still be pulling that lead out.