Labour ICT Launch

Labour have launched their ICT policy this morning, at the same venue as Net Hui. Which is a good movie. They have also been live streaming it. I didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream, as I am on the road in Wellington and didn’t have solid internet access this morning.


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Now it is a clearly stated policy of this blog to not comment on the content of policy, unless absolutely relevant, and in all honesty, for the same reason as above, I haven’t had a chance to look at the policy. However, I did see a number of comments online about the live stream. In the past I have said that live streaming things like policy announcements is a good idea. It helps get more people to follow the policy announcement, plus it may also help prevent the media mis quoting statements. If you look at the early quotes from the media about David Cunliffe’s apology, they left out the “right now” part that totally changes the meaning of the statement.


But just like any other exercise in social media, you need to do it right. It needs to be of a high quality. If you can’t achieve this, don’t do it. The comments on Twitter this morning would indicate that the quality of the stream is not what it could have, or should have been.



Chris is the Technology Editor and Head of Digital at the NBR. But he wasn’t the only one.

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Jordan is the CEO of Internet NZ, who were one of the main organisers behind Net Hui. He is also a former Labour Party list candidate.


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Georgina is the Vice President of Young Labour. She hasn’t pulled her punches on the topic. She added:

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If a party is going to live stream something, then the live stream should be the method of communication, not the topic of communication. Preplanned and executed events should, and will, be held to a higher quality standard than something done on the fly, such as a facebook video of a candidate/MP out door knocking.