Labour take on Te Wiki o te reo Māori

This week is Te Wiki o te reo Māori, or Māori language week. As part of this a number of organisations are undertaking things to promote te reo. Many are taking the English word = Māori word approach. Or they are using te reo in the context of Māori issues. However Labour have taken a different approach. As part of the promotion of their regional development policy, Labour posted this:

Facebook 2

Even though the text on the image says exactly the same as the English text, I think it is a good step. Instead of the above mentioned uses, Labour are using it as they would English. However the risk is, if they only do this during Māori language week, it will appear to be just an attempt to leverage the week. It would be good to see Labour, and other parties, use te reo a bit more their social media.