Laila Harre or Laila Haare?

As part of the preparations for the announcement of their new party leader, the Internet Party has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. They have created a fully branded Facebook page for her. It was created on the 25th of May.

harre 2

Now normally the creation of a Facebook page for a new candidate wouldn’t be worth blogging about. However, whoever created the page made one small, but key mistake. When a page you create gets past 25 likes, you are able to set a custom page name, that becomes part of the URL for your page, such as However it is a story when the URL selected is incorrectly spelt.


It gets worse though:

internet party 2

The web address on the graphic,, points towards her personal Facebook profile, which is at least spelt correctly, as opposed to the Facebook Page that was created, with the incorrect spelling.


The Internet Party have been in talks with Laila for around a month, she was confirmed as party leader on Sunday, the 25th, the day the page was created. The person/persons creating the page didn’t check the custom name they entered. It is rather easy to make the mistake, but there is a simple solution, delete that page and create a new one. However, some how, in the 4 1/2 days from when the page was created till the announcement of her as leader, no one in the entire social media team noticed that they had misspelt the name of their new party leader in a place that you can’t correct? For the rest of the entire campaign, this error will be sitting there, for all to see.


UPDATE: Callum Valentine, Social Media Manager for the Internet Party, has replied to the tweet sent when this post was first published:

callum valentine


In response to his first comment, Facebook introduced that feature after the last time I created a Facebook page, and just like when registering domains, I do my utmost to make sure I get it right first time, so there is no need to change it.


In relation to the second, her personal Facebook profile has no internet party branding or information on it, nor any indication that she works for, or is involved in, the Inter Net Party. As well, when you stat typing her name into the Facebook search box, you only need to get as far as Ha in her last name for both pages to come up. Add to this, when I tried to search based on the incorrect spelling, it didn’t even return her as a possible match.  LH facebook


A contact in the design and branding industry says that this is something the he has never heard of, and “his(Callum) argument makes no sense. Because surely those misspelling it could still find it.” Fully misspelling, as the Internet Party have done, results in her not being able to be found, but a partial spelling does. So I don’t see what the Internet Party think they will be able to achieve with this, other than drawing attention to the misspelling. 




  1. The reasoning that you’d make a deliberate mistake because you think it might catch people who just make an error is like calling the National Notional and right wrong (50/50 chance of getting it right).

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