Mea Culpa

I have to make a mea culpa. I made a bit of a mistake overnight. As part of tidying up my social media accounts for election day, I set my Twitter account to protected. I also made sure that my Facebook was clean of any election related stuff. But I forgot about one thing. I forgot I have a set up. So this morning it auto generated the new issue and posted it, around 0845. Thanks to Graeme Edgeler for alerting it to me while I was on the road. But this is why my Twitter account was protected, so if anything did slip through it was not able to be retweeted. Once I became aware of this I deleted the posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Then as soon as I was able to get access to I deleted all the content in the paper. This occurred just before 10:30. I tired to take all possible steps to make sure nothing slipped through, but I missed my I apologise for this. I have waited until 7:20pm to make sure that this post doesn’t breach electoral law.