Nats, Nits and Twitter

As part of its pre-budget policy announcements the Government announced a significant investment in a program to help combat the Nits issue in low decile schools. Laura McQuillan was present at the policy announcement. She had some interesting observations on Twitter.

Laura and Paula

Now, this is the story on the News Talk ZB website. There is no mention of the fact that it was in a disabled toilet. Now, please don’t take this as a criticism of Laura and her work, there are obviously limits on the time and scope of stories, and it is an on going struggle to balance what is important, what is relevant, time and interest in radio and web stories. However, this is one of the good things about social media, journalists can tweet little bits of information that are interesting and useful for people to know. These facts and observations may not make it into stories that are published or broadcast, but the fact that they get out there to the public is a good thing. The tweeting of these bits may not be purposeful, but it does add to the story, and helps to make stories more three dimensional.