Paper cut outs

Recently the National Government announced a funding increase for sexual violence support services. The graphic they produced for Twitter is below. I like this graphic. They have picked an image that keeps with the colour palette associated with the party. The graphic is there to catch peoples attention, it doesn’t distract from the message. When it comes to politics and social media the message is what is important, everything else that goes with it is there simple to promote engagement, to stop people skimming over it, to encourage people to share the content.


paper cut outs



I am sittin here writing this at the Project Disrupt conference. Tom Reidy was talking while I was writing it. He was talking about how the point of content creation is to inspire people to do things. There is no point creating content that people won’t want to share. This is something that political content creators need to keep in mind. Sure the message is what is important and what is trying to be “sold” but the content that goes with it is an important element, if the images that go with it are not appealing, people other than party supporters, are less likely to share it. Sharing content is the key way to get the party message out there.