People you should follow on Twitter: Graeme Edgeler

Graeme Edgeler should be well known to most people who follow politics on twitter. Graeme is best known for his encyclopaedic of both general law and electoral law as well as New Zealand political history. Graeme has the ability to put into complex legal issues into simple to understand terms. He also has a habit of pulling apart peoples arguments and use of statistics. He does this to people on all sides of the political spectrum. He is a Wellington based lawyer, with experience in electoral law.


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He is also great for coming back later on to add new information to conversations, as above.





It is the range and depth of his insights that make him worth following.

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Graeme has a habit of injecting that little bit of information that really changes the way a story is looked at.


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The great thing is, in most case when he steps in to lay something out, it is done without any nasty intention, it is always just to get information out there, to make life easier for everyone.

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Add to this Graeme’s ability to look at issues from angels that others don’t think about. Like above. I had never thought of the archive of historically important footage that TVNZ hold.


I am going to finish this post off with a tweet that sums up how some people view Graeme and why you should all go follow him on twitter!

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