Peter Dunne, Instagram and Policy

This just came across my timeline.


When I clicked on it I expected it to be either a graphic or a photo of a policy document. But Peter Dunne has used Instagram’s video feature to promote Untied Future policies in short format.


The idea of a policy a day is good, slowly reinforcing the range of policy that the party has. But I think the biggest issue that faces Peter Dunne is actually getting undecided voters, or swing voters, to see the videos. As a one MP party, and with a party account with a low number of followers, it will be hard to get these videos in front of a large number of people. Peter only has 4.5k followers, and to generate any solid return, there is a need to get the video in front of more people than that. Though this is where the short nature of the videos might work, people are more likely to be willing to watch a 30 second video than they are to read a policy manifesto.


Will Peter keep these up, or will it be an idea that fizzles? We will have to wait and see.