Select Committee Twitter Lists

In my post about Julie Anne Genter’s live tweeting of Select Committees’ I made the suggestion at the end that MPs sitting on various Select Committees should establish a #hashtag to tweet too if they were live tweeting it. However, I don’t think that is likely to happen. As a result, I have started a bit of an experiment. I have created Twitter lists for the members of the Health, Commerce, Finance and Expenditure, and Education and Science Select Committees. Some of the lists are not compete, due to MPs sitting on them either no being on Twitter, or the MPs concerned having blocked me (Labour’s David Clark, National’s Paul Foster Bell).


If enough people subscribe to these lists, I will create a full set of lists of Select Committee members after the election when the new membership is known. In the meantime, here are the links to the lists.



Education and Science

Finance and Expenditure


Now for these lists to be useful, MPs actually need to see the point of live tweeting Select Committees. So Julie Anne, that is your job!