Social Media Experiment take 2

Earlier this week I blogged about a little social media experiment of mine. I thought to be fair I would try it again.


This time I used the following question to the National, Labour, Green, Internet Party, Act and Maori party accounts:


Racing is another rather obscure policy area that I don’t expect parties to have quickly to hand. But it looks like I was wrong.


The question was sent at 12:03pm. Labour was the first to reply:



Labour were the quickest to reply this time, three minutes. It is quicker than last time. They took the multi tweet approach. The first two tweets are both quotes from the policy page, but they still provide a sense of engagement, and give a feeling that there is a person behind the account and that they have actually done something to facilitate the engagement, as opposed to just pulling up a link and dropping it in.


National actually replied this time, and they were the second party to reply:


5 Minutes is a great response time. Especially for a party that didn’t even reply last time. The text is not a quote from the policy page.


Unsurprisingly, considering the topic, New Zealand First were the last party to reply.


Their tweet gives me and idea of what to expect when I click on the link. But other than that it doesn’t really give me the feeling of someone on the other end taking time to engage.


There are good and bad things that have come out of this experiment. Firstly only three parties replied. If I was actually interested in the policy area I would be happy with a reply saying they didn’t have a policy on that. Once again the Internet Party haven’t replied which is interesting. I am not sure if this because it was me asking, or something else. There are other parties that didn’t answer either question, Maori Party and Act. As well as UnitedFuture and the Greens, as well as National, that only answer one question. So there is still lots of room to improve across the parties. But there are also good signs. The only parties to have replied to both times are Labour and New Zealand First, which was not who I expected. As well, Labour replied in under 15 min both times. National, NZF and UnitedFuture have all provided one answer in a very short time. So when they reply, the turn around is generally pretty quick and the replies are useful and well laid out.