Something that was brought to my attention

Last night I got a Tweet from Nicola Young questioning my analysis and the fact that I hadn’t mentioned the lack of women featuring in the reTweeted, replied to and mentioned areas of my post about the Party Leaders and Twitter Analytics. This got me thinking. The advantage of the Greens having co-leaders is we have two accounts with very similar followings, levels of Tweets and the same role, of leading the party and growing the party vote.

RN 2Metiria


So lets have a look at the difference in engagement between them.

What we have here are the Twitonomy stats for Russel Norman (left) and Metiria Tueri (right).  (If you click on the screen grabs, they should load at full size.)

RN metrei


Among the most reTweeted user, Russel has 3 women, Helen Kelly, Julie Anne Genter and Metiria. Metiria on the other hand has 4, Marama Davidson, Jofromgreylynn (assumption made on spelling of the name Jo). Chizchizchiz and Holly Walker.


If we then look at users most replied to, Russel has none, they are all men. Where as Metiria has 4, Chizchizchiz, Marama Davidson, Coley Tangerina and Laura McQuillian.


Finally, looking at users most mentioned. Russel has 1, Andrea Vance, with Metiria having 4 again, if we ignore her own handle being in there.


So what does this mean? Does it mean Russel is less willing to engage with women on Twitter? Well, I think that is too big of a jump, based on this evidence. But I think there is something here worth keeping an eye on. I will go away and look at ways to research who is Tweeting at these accounts, see if there is a difference there. I will also have a look at some other MPs accounts to see where things stand. But I would be interested in your views on what this might all mean?