Steffan Browning, Ebola and Homeopathy

Russel Brown has just tweeted something interesting:


Russel tweeted in response to questions for proof:


I have an email in to Steffan asking for confirmation, but I am going to trust Russel on this one. This news has resulted in a number of people commenting:


What this proves is, if you are an MP and you are going to sign something like a petition on you should really front foot it, be up front about why and explain what prompted you to sign it. But now all that is going to happen is he will be mocked for doing it. He will be helping to reinforce the image that the Greens are full of people who aren’t willing to accept science. The Greens have spent a long time trying to rid themselves of the image of a bunch of hippies, but things like this are only going to reinforce the idea.