Steve Gibson returns

Steve Gibson was Labour’s candidate for Rangitata during the election. I have already blogged about him. As has David Farrar. Needless to say Steve didn’t come close to winning. But ever since the election he has been making a number of comments like:

Renegade Labour candidate Steve Gibson says the election campaign has left him totally broke and Labour leader David Cunliffe should “go jump in the lake”.

Gibson was Labour’s candidate for the South Canterbury seat of Rangitata and made headlines for all the wrong reasons during the campaign.


“Ideally Labour should be looking at someone like me to lead them. They’ve been relying on insiders for too long and maybe they should look to an outsider.”

But last night he took to Twitter:


This has generate a response.


Steve is obviously not a happy camper, he feels Labour have treated him badly. But for once I think Labour took the only course open to them, and pretty much disavowed him during the campaign. However, what is interesting is that despite being disavowed, there are still at least two Labour MP accounts following him:


Is it really a good look for David Cunliffe’s account to still be following him? Especially when you look at some of the other tweets he sent last night?







This is one of the last things Labour needs, a disgruntled candidate taking on going snipes at them. It isn’t helped by the fact that David Cunliffe’s account still follows him. The accounts a party leader follows, if any, should be in alignment with their public statements. If a party wants to monitor a candidates use of Twitter, this is what staffers accounts are for, or lists. Not the party leaders account.