Tau Henare Retires

Today Tau Henare announced, via Twitter, that he was going to retire. Tau has had a political career that has covered two decades. I have already profiled Tau as a Twitter user. However his announcement today has revealed some interesting things.

tau retires 1


Right to the end he has shown his sense of humour.

tau retries 22


As well as having an ability to show a bit of humbleness.

tau retires18


Tau has been a rather contentious presence on Twitter. But the reaction from across the political spectrum has been interesting. There has been the obvious expressions of support from the right.

tau retires3

tau retires10

tau retires 19


But there has been some expressions of support and him being missed from the left as well. Not only from Labour, but also the Greens.

tau retires5

tau retires7

tau retires8

tau retires9

tau retires11

tau retires14

tau retires16

tau retires17


tau retires 20


Though, of course there has been some nasty comments made by some. Which is to be expected in relation to someone who has been rather out spoken on Twitter.

tau retires12

tau retires15


However, over all the reaction has been on of support and disappointment. Which is nice to see. It goes to show that when it comes down to it, we are all human and all have things outside of politics. As Keeping Stock said this morning “There IS life after politics”.


I will leave the final word to a couple of Twitter users.  Firstly:

tau retires 2


And finally, the most important question of the day……

tau retires13