The most tragic social media effort of the year?

Will this “graphic” tag the prize for the most tragic social media effort of the election campaign?

tragic 1


Where do I even start……..

It is a cheap dig, it lowers the tone and level of the discussion. It makes the National Party look desperate, which is pretty hard to do when you are sitting in the mid 40%s in the polls and have been there or there abouts for the last how many years? It has very cheap production qualities,  it is the sort of production qualities I would expect to see from a 5th form media studies class at the start of term one. There are valid points that are trying to be made. There are policy ideas on there that are relevant and should be discussed as part of the debate during the election campaign. But the way they are doing it is a) an epic fail of production, b) cheapens and lowers the quality of the debate. One known National Party member, who has a protected Twitter account, has given it a C- grade. I think that is being generous.


The fact that energy was put into producing this, and that those who run the party account all thought it was good enough and funny enough to post. It beggars belief. I hope this is as tragic and as bad as we see during the election campaign, but I think I will be disappointed.


It has already resulted in a parody

tragic 4


I had such high hops of a gear change in the National Party social media program after they posted such a wonderful image of John Key yesterday. It was one of the best images of any party leader I have seen on social media.

tragic 5