The Press Gallery on Twitter

So far this blog has focused on MPs on twitter. But there is another key group of people who are involved in the political process who are on twitter. That is the media. Below is a spreadsheet, taken from here, with every accredited member of the Press Gallery at Parliament. I have done my best to find all of the twitter accounts that I can. If you know of any I haven’t found, or if some of them are wrong, please email me on, and I will correct/add it as soon as I can. There are also a couple right at the bottom who aren’t part of the press gallery, but who are well worth including. I will do my best to keep this up to date/added too. Please feel free to contact me on the above address if you think I should add someone.


Press Gallery accredited members




Twitter Handle

—— A ——
Agence France-Presse Neil Sands Associate @sanafp1
Aotearoa Student Press Association / Salient Sophie Boot Associate
Asia Pacific Economic News Service Ltd Tony Haas Associate
Mike Regan Associate
Associated Press Nick Perry Full @nickgbperry
—— B ——
Bloomberg Matthew Brockett Associate @matthewbrockett
Tracy Withers Associate @tracywwithers
Business Wire Paul McBeth Associate
Pattrick Smellie Associate
Jonathan Underhill Associate @jdju
—— D ——
Deutsche Presse-Agentur David Barber Life Member/Associate
Dow Jones Newswires and Wall Street Journal Rebecca Howard Associate @FarroHoward
Lucy Craymer Associate @Lucy_Craymer
Arpan Mukherjee Associate @ArpanMukherjee
—— E ——
ED Insider @eddirections Dave Guerin Associate @daveguerin
—— F ——
Fairfax Media Bureau Michael Fox Full @michaelfoxnz
Tracy Watkins Full @tracy_watkins
Vernon Small Full @VernonSmall
Andrea Vance Full @avancenz
Hamish Rutherford Full @oneforthedr
Stacey Kirk Full @StaceyKirkNZ
Anthony Hubbard Associate
Nick Venter Associate
Frontpage Richard Harman Full
—— H ——
—— I ——
INSIDEWellington David Nicholson Associate Bernard Hickey Full @bernardchickey
Lynn Grieveson Full
—— K ——
Koha Magazine Mere Takoko Associate @kohabiz
—— L ——
Listener Jane Clifton Life Member/Full @rumpole3
—— M ——
Mana Māori Media Vacant
Māori Television Maiki Sherman Full @MaikiSherman
Ripeka Timutimu Associate @RipekaTimutimu
—— N ——
National Business Review Rob Hosking Full @robhosking Marie McNicholas Full @MarieMcNicholas
Tim Fulton Associate @fultontimbo
Newstalk ZB Barry Soper Life Member/Full @barrysoper
Felix Marwick Full @felixmarwick
Laura McQuillan Full @mcquillanatorz
Kim Savage Associate @kimberleysavage
Tim Fookes Associate @TimFookes
Laura Dooney Associate @ljdooney
Nita Blake-Pearson Associate
NZ Chinese Times Liang Qui Associate
Bill Li Associate
Yongmei Wang Associate
New Zealand Herald John Armstrong Life Member/Full @JArmstrongNZH
Audrey Young Full @audreyNZH
Claire Trevett Full @CTrevettNZH
Isaac Davison Full @isaac_davison
Adam Bennett Full @AdDeville
Brian Fallow Associate
Fran O’Sullivan Associate @FranOSullivan
Matt Backhouse APN NZ Associate @mbackhouse
Rebecca Quilliam Associate @bexquilliam
NZ Newswire Peter Wilson Life Member/Full
Sarah Robson Full @rarahsobson
David Williams Associate @nbr_dave
Elise Scott Associate
Pam Graham Associate
—— O ——
Otago Daily Times Dene MacKenzie Associate @mackersline
—— P ——
Prime News/Sky Gina Grbic Full @ginagrbic
Annabel Reid Full @AnnabelReid
—— R ——
Radio Live Jessica Williams Full @mizjwilliams
Lloyd Burr Full @LloydBurr
Paul Gallagher Associate
Radio New Zealand Clare Pasley Full @rnzclarepasley
Liz Banas Full @rnzgalleryliz
Brent Edwards Full @rnzgallerybrent
Chris Bramwell Full @rnzgallerychris
Demelza Leslie Full @rnzdemelza
Jane Patterson Full @rnzgallery
Craig McCulloch Full @rnzgallerycraig
Kate Gudsell Associate @KateGudsell
Karen Brown Associate
John Gerritsen Associate @RNZeducation
Patrick O’Meara Associate
Leigh McLachlan Associate @leigh_mclachlan
Kathryn Ryan Associate
Reuters Gyles Beckford Full
Mantik Kusjanto Associate
—— S ——
Scoop @ScoopNZ Gordon Campbell Full @GordonCampbell_
Hamish Cardwell Associate @HamishCardwell
Reesh Lyon Associate @reeshlyon
Anne Russell Associate
Select Committee News Julie Collier Associate
Michael Wall Associate
Jonathan Osborne Associate
South Pacific News Services Neale McMillian Full
Synapsis Colin James Life Member/Full
—— T ——
Te Upoko o Te Ika (Torangapu) Adrian Tangaroa Wagner Associate
Television New Zealand Corin Dann Full @CorinDann
Michael Parkin Full @Michael_Parkin
Irena Smith(Te Karere) Full
Peter Stevens Full @PStevensTVNZ
Katie Bradford-Crozier Full @katieabradford
Laura Barnsley Associate
Meg Thompson Associate
Renee Graham Associate @renee_tvnz
Mark Torley Associate
Shalleen Hern Associate
Simon Bradwell Associate @simonbradwellnz
Maryanne Ahern Associate
Heather du Plessis Allan Associate @hdpaNEWS
Sally Page Associate
Rebecca Edwards Associate @rebeccajane_nz
Daniel Faltaua Associate @DanielFaitaua
Jehan Casinader Associate @jehancasinader
Ryan Boswell Associate @boswellryan
Kereama Wright (Te Karere) Associate @Rangitih1
Kristin Hall Associate @kristinhallNZ
Georgina Ball Associate @georginaballnz
TV3 Tova O’Brien Full @TovaOBrien
Patrick Gower Full @patrickgowernz
Brook Sabin Full @BrookSabin
Whena Owen Associate @WhenaOwen
Simon Wong Associate @wimon_song
Gordon McBride Associate @flashwgtn
Daniel Parker Associate
Jerram Watts Associate @JerramWatts
Emma Jolliff Associate @emtvnews
Rachel Tiffen Associate
Charlotte Shipman Associate @Charshipman
Laura MacDonald Associate @Laura_macd3
Adam Ray Associate @adamraynz
The Press Vacant
Trans Tasman Ian Templeton Life Member/Full
Bob Edlin Associate
—— W ——
—— X ——
Xinhua News Agency Xingwei Huanguang Jieqiu Liuuang* Associate

John Campbell, Duncan Garner.