The rebrand has started

We are barely 60 hours post election results and the Internet Party is already shifting back to its purple branding.


During the campaign their website retained the purple branding. But their Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as their graphics, shifted over to the red and black branding of the Mana/Internet Mana Party. But they have started shifting back to the purple branding. So far only their Facebook page has shifted back. They are still using the Internet Mana Party branding on their Twitter account.


In the past the Internet Party has been very good at branding and brand consistency. But they seem to have let that slip. Instead of shifting everything back to the old branding, they are doing it in a piecemeal way. This suggests that the team that was running their social media has already started to break up.


We have seen parties in the past that have suffered crushing defeats and not be able to come back from it. One of the reasons that has been the case is they have lacked the resources to get their message out. But will social media change this? Despite their crushing defeat, will the Internet Party be able to use the base of followers that they have established as a jump off point to try and rebuild? Or is the brand too damaged to achieve anything? Time will tell, but I suspect, if they can keep the party funded we will continue to see the Internet Party around on social media. But they will be hard pressed to maintain the quality they have had, simply due to a lack of resources. Unless Kim Dotcom decides to invest more money in the party?