The thin blue line

Two aspects about this graphic I want to talk about. Firstly, the text in the tweet itself, Is there a reason that the account isn’t using the #TeamKey hashtag? Is it because they realise the hashtag has been hijacked, and that anything posted to it by John Key’s account will be attacked? Are we going to see other MPs using this new, #Working4NZ hashtag? Because so far there are less than 10 tweets to that hashtag. Outside of already established hashtags, this is the third (#TeamKey, #nznats and #Working4NZ) that John Key’s account as attempted to use. None of which have really taken hold on twitter.


family violence


The other thing I want to talk about if the graphic. I have already commented on the recent improvement in image quality in National Party/John Key graphics. This image is much stronger than what we have been seeing lately. The PM, Judith Collins and Anne Tolley in a line presents the image of a united front. Which reinforces the ‘Across Government’ element of the text. The flow of the image is accented by the leading lines on the wall.  This graphic is much more dynamic than most of the images we see. This is a good thing. If you are going to use images, then make sure they are good quality images.