Twitter conversation of the day 25 October: Philip and Tracey

One of the great things about social media is the ability for other users to bring up information that is out there, and other users are interested in, but they don’t have the drive, or knowledge, to go and get it. That is what Philip did this morning:


Now I know that MPs can ask questions for written answer, but I wouldn’t know where to go looking, or have the energy to go looking, but Philip has done it, which is what I love about social media.


However it does raise some questions. There are plenty of points that NZ First have raised that they could have asked questions about. They only have 3 less MPs than the Greens, so if they were asking as many questions per MP as the Greens, they would have asked around 140 questions. Yet they have asked none.


Tracey Martin replied to Philip’s tweets:


Tracey’s replies suggest that the fact that NZ First haven’t asked any questions is a bit of a sore point. She does have a point about it not being solely about the number of questions asked, but the answers provided. However, to get answers you need to ask questions.


Philip’s tweet not only provides some interesting information that many wouldn’t know where to get it from, but Tracey’s response has given a bit of an insight into what is happening in Parliament.