What Disney character is Sarah Dowie?

I saw a post from one of the new MP’s Facebook pages yesterday. There was a comment on there from someone who is a bit of a blast from my past. So I decided to try and find the MP’s Facebook profile and see if they were friends. What I found on the Facebook page was even more interesting.


Now I understand that some MPs would like to keep their Facebook profiles private. But if you are going to do that, what is still visible should be sending a professional image. Well I don’t think this particular MP has achieved that. What I found was the following:


Sarah_Dowie4 Sarah_Dowie3 Sarah_Dowie2 Sarah_Dowie

If you go to the hassle making all your own posts private on your Facebook profile, at least make sure all of the Facebook quizzes you have done are private as well. If you get voters looking for you and stumbling on this, the fact that all they can see is a bunch of dumb Facebook quizzes isn’t going to make you look that professional.


Every action, or lack of action, on social media can and will reflect on you, it will be used by people to build an idea of who you are as a person. Remember that.