When preplanned social media potentially goes wrong: Colin Craig

News has broken this morning that Colin Craig’s long serving Press Secretary, Rachel MacGregor, has left the party. It is still unclear as to why she has left. But there accusations that he is “manipulative”, and according Barry Soper:


And he is being made to look very flat footed:


But what is going to be interesting is the fact that Colin has both a Facebook QandA with TVNZ:


And a Reddit AMA:


So it looks like most of Colin Craig’s day is going to be spent dealing with the blow up from his Press Secretary leaving, and not focused on policy. This is where long distance planning of social media can cause issues. Part of the joy of social media is its flexibility and ability to respond to situations as they break. But Colin has now found himself locked into two events where the focus is going to be on the events of today, not on policy and politics. How they respond will be interesting.