Andrew Little, Fonterra and Pies

Andrew Little hasn’t had the greatest week so far. What with news breaking about the unpaid invoice from a contract worker. However I have seen something interesting being done on his Twitter account.


We are all used to seeing MPs and party leaders doing the typical tweet of them standing talking to someone on a site visit, and talking up their side of the argument. We have also seen it doesn’t always go according to plan. Well today Andrew Little has been off visiting the Fonterra build site in Pahiatua.


And it is normally there that many MPs or leaders would leave it. But there was a follow on:


This follow on tweet starts to explain why those jobs are important. It isn’t just about the jobs themselves, but the flow on effects of those jobs, and how they help smaller businesses not directly related to the project.


It is also good to see that individual tweets are being seen as part of a larger whole, that the relationship between the tweets plays a role in the messaging, as much as the content of the tweets themselves.