Is this appropriate behaviour for an MP?

I know I have been rather quiet lately. Lots going on work and uni wise. However, I received a tip off today that concerned something I think is worthy of wider attention.

I was sent the following two screen grabs:
Public page


Friend page


Jono Naylor is the National MP for Palmerston North, and former Mayor of Palmerston North. Since becoming a National MP he will have been receiving training and support from the party, and its parliamentary staffers on how to use social media in his capacity as an MP. Which I have no issue with. Social media is an important tool that allows MPs to communicate and engage with their constituents.


However, both of these posts are expressing support for a particular candidate in a local body by-election. What raises the questions is that the person he is expressing support for is both his former campaign manager, and wife. Is it appropriate for an MP to be using a tool that is partially tax payer funded to advance the cause of their wife in an election to a body that they will need to maintain a good working relationship with?