Colin Craig on social media

Colin Craig and his Conservative Party have started to make a push into social media. This graphic came across my feed today:


I like the lay out, but the photo is questionable, the shadows under the eye brows make him look a little sinister in some ways. The simple black and white is a good way to go, it allows the coloured aspects to come through and reinforce the association of pale blue with the party. However, the biggest issue with this graphic is actually not with this image, it is with the fact the exact same image and layout is being used for this:

Untitled 3


Now I am a big fan of brand consistency, but using the same image over and over on your graphics is not the way to go. When I first saw these two graphics both on the Conservative Parties Facebook I thought they were the same graphic. There is nothing wrong with using a similar series of photos to hold the brand together, but there should be a range of them, not just the same.


The other issue with this graphic is the details about the Fieldays. The Conservatives claim that you are able to come and chat with them from June 9 to 14. However the Fieldays website has the even only running from 11 to 14 June?


Untitled 4

Add to this Colin has a Twitter account that is nothing more than a broadcast system, that is also linked to the parties Facebook page. It seems that the Conservatives are still finding their feet when it comes to social media.

Untitled 2