Credit where credit is due: Green’s spelling mistake

This afternoon I got the following Tweet from Caffeine_addict:

Untitled 2

When I saw this, I immediately went looking for it on any Green party account. As I am not willing to post a screen grab unless it includes the information identifying the account that posted it, and a link to the content. I asked Caffeine Addict for information on what account it was from.

Untitled 3


All I could find was this version, with correct spelling, on the Green Party Facebook page.


There was nothing on Gareth Hughes, Julie-Anne Genter, Russel Norman or Green party Twitter accounts, by the time I went looking. Now normally I wouldn’t have bothered posting anything about this, since I couldn’t find the infringement myself. But it was the Green Party reply that prompted this post.

Untitled 4

Unlike other parties that just take down the offending image and pretend it never happened. But the Green Party have admitted their mistake, and owned up to it. So as the title says, credit where credit is due.