Twitter stats: 4 July 2014

Last weekend was the National Party conference, where they launched #TeamKey, it would be fair to expect a jump in the number of tweets from National MPs. But the jump hasn’t really been that strong. This just reinforces the points I make in the two blogs linked above. National still have a huge issue with the number of MPs they have on Twitter who are not tweeting at all.


Ruth Dyson still holds on to number 3 in the Labour rankings. I am not sure how she is so consistent, it is rather impressive. David Cunliffe heads the most new followers, but what isn’t shown, unless you look in the spreadsheet, is the fact that he followed more accounts this week than followed him.


The biggest shake up is in the candidates area, Marama Davidson doesn’t make an appearance at all this week, replaced with Marama Fox. Some of the candidates are pretty trigger happy on favs, like Lewis Holden with over 200 favs this week.


Most Tweets by an MP:

National: Tau Henare 320, John Key 45, Louise Upston 39.

Labour: Trevor Mallard 200, Clare Curran 87, Ruth Dyson 48.

Greens: Russel Norman 103, Gareth Hughes 76, Catherine Delahunty 57.

NZF: Asenati Taylor 14, Winston Peters 10, Tracey Martin 9.

Others: Peter Dunne 101, Te Ururoa Flavell 21, Brendan Horan 4.

Most New Followers by an MP:

National: John Key 329, Judith Collins 69, Nikki Kaye 65.

Labour: David Cunliffe 140, Jacinda Ardern 114, Trevor Mallard 71.

Greens: Russel Norman 106, Metiria Turei 99, Julie Anne Genter 61.

NZF: Winston Peters 61, Tracey Martin 13, Asenati Taylor 9.

Others: Peter Dunne 45, Pita Sharples 21, te Ururoa Flavell 20.


Most New Favourites:

National: Tau Henare 152, Paul Foster Bell 48, Scott Simpson 39.

Labour: David Clark 16, Ruth Dyson 15, Clare Curran 14.

Greens: Holly Walker 51, Kevin Hague 45, Julie Anne Genter 37.

NZF: Asenati Taylor 3, Tracey Martin 1.

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 21, Peter Dunne 5.


Average Tweets per MP: 14.56

National: 18.49

Labour: 21.58

Greens: 32.50

NZF: 8.75

Others: 20.83



Average New Followers per MP: 26.15

National: 24.15

Labour: 27.06

Greens: 34.07

NZF: 22.75

Others: 21.00


Zero Tweet MPs:

National: 11 (23.4%)

Labour: 6 (19.35%)

Greens: 1 (7%)



Most Tweets: Internet Party 110, Greens 80, National 31.

Most New Followers: Internet Party 140, Greens 95, Labour 83.

Most New Favourites: Greens 66, Internet Party 41, Maori Party 19.


Press Gallery:

Most Tweets: Jessica Williams 439, Laura McQuillan 124, Felix Marwick 81.

Most New Followers: Patrick Gower 97, Corin Dann 71, Katie Bradford 55.

Most New Favourites: Laura McQuillan 85, Lloyd Burr 82, Patrick Gower 74.



Most Tweets: Richard Hills 242, John Hart 113, Marama Fox 112.

Most New Followers: Tamati Coffey 113, Miriam Pieard 95, Chris Yong 49.

Most New Favourites: Lewis Holden 259, Richard Hills 195, Marama Fox 111.