Greens vs Internet Party

In recent days the Greens have passed 50,000 likes on Facebook. They are the first political party to do this in New Zealand. They also passed 12k followers on Twitter today. So they took the chance to take a little dig at the Internet Party.


It is interesting to see the Green Party directly engaging with the Internet Party. There has been talk of the battle between the Greens and the Internet Party. Made even more obvious with the Internet Party launching their environment policy, with marked similarities to the Greens policy. With Laila defending the similarities  “Look, I contributed huge intellectual property to the Green Party in the 15 months that I spent working for them”. I hadn’t expected to see the Greens being so openly aggressive towards the Internet Party on social media. The internet party have responded in a similar way to how they responded to some of Labour’s policy announcements.



The Internet Party is taking every chance it can to promote the idea that they will be party of the next government. How much effect this positivity will have when David Cunliffe has openly stated that it is “highly unlikely”  either Hone or Laila would be ministers, and that he doesn’t “see those parties being very likely to be part of a formal government coalition”. Will this positivity on social media outweigh the power of of the statements from David Cunliffe being reported in the mainstream media?