Labour and the Internet-Mana Party

At the Labout Party Congress this weekend David Cunliffe “all but ruled out” the Internet Mana Party gaining Cabinet seats should Labour be in a position to form a government after the election on September 20. Following this, there have been some interesting interactions on Twitter involving Laila Harré and Labour Party MPs.

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So the exchanges were:

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On the day David Cunliffe all but rules out the Internet Mana Party gaining any ministerial positions Laila Harré jumps on social media trying to claim victories for the Internet Party in relation to policies announced by Labour. In the process she has elicited a rather disgruntled response from some senior Labour MPs. These responses can be added to Phil Goff and Chris Hipkin’s comments around the time of the Internet Party/Mana Party alliance. I really don’t get what Laila thought she would achieve, especially engaging with Chris Hipkins who is on record as not supporting the Internet Mana Party. I guess there could be an element of presenting a unified left wing position to those who are not aware of David Cunliffe’s comments ruling them out.


But I think the final word has to go to Trevor, in response to Andrea’s trolling comment.

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