Labour Congress #ForABetterNZ

This weekend it is Labour’s turn to have their conference, or Congress as they call it. As with any event like this in the modern world, the question was asked, “what is the hashtag?”

Untitled 10

After an initial misunderstanding from me, where I thought Jadeine meant the US Congress, a Labour supporter suggested the following:

Untitled 11

Which makes sense as a hashtag. But as I opined:

Untitled 12

Which, what do you know:

Untitled 13

Unlike National who made a big thing of the launch of their hashtag, Labour made the launch of theirs rather low key, thus potentially combatting the sense of it being imposed from above. However, I am not sure splitting the content across two hashtags is a wise idea?


The question now is, can Labour achieve, with #ForABetterNZ, what National failed to do, with #TeamKey, and get their hashtag trending? Now trending is not the whole aim of a hashtag, but it does show to people that there are others out there engaging with the content.

Untitled 16


I do have to say, Labour have done a good job pushing out graphics this weekend, with images from the weekend.

Untitled 15

Untitled 17

I am not totally sold on the heavy, red background text over the image that labour are running with. But that is a personal taste thing, and I will counter that comment with a compliment to Labour for keeping to a style, they have used it in other graphics.