Has Asenati been set up?

Earlier this week I blogged about Asenati Lole-Taylor abusing members of the press, as well as members of the public and about the important or reputation here. Felix Marwick from NewsTalkZB tweeted this screen grab:



Tv3 also picked up the story after Felix’s tweet, you can find it here. So she hasn’t exactly had a great week on social media. So I had to go have a look when I saw this tweet:



Needless to say, the comment is real:


But what I found most interesting about it wasn’t the comment, which is a bit odd. But the timing of things. Ignore the content. The initial post, by Jason, happened at 1702 yesterday. With the first reply happening around the same time. But the first comment form Asenati that makes no sense, didn’t happen until 6pm on Wednesday. This seems a bit odd to me? The status is public, so any user should be able to see all comments. Is it possible that someone has posted comments to illicit those responses then deleted them? The person who has liked both those comments is the same person that posted the original post.



Is this a case of an MP, with a track record of issues around social media use, being set up?