Hone Hariwera?

A little while back I blogged about the fact that the Internet Party had misspelt the name of their party leader in the URL for her Facebook page. Well it looks like the Internet Mana Party have followed in their footsteps.


Firstly let me lay out the elements. This is the cover image of the Mana Movement Facebook page. Note the blue verified tick.



On that page there is this link:


Which links to this video:


Now on that same Youtube channel is the following video:


Which despite being an unlisted video, shows up on the front page of their YouTube Channel:

Internet_MANA_-_YouTubeNow last time I checked, Hone’s last name was spelt Harawira, not Hariwera. As outlined above, this isn’t the first time there has been a spelling issue in the Internet Party/Mana Party social media work. I gave Labour a pass on the mistyped hashtag because of the setting and time frame involved. But for an edited, created video, misspelling your party’s leader, that has been up for two weeks? That is another example of an organisation that has lax checks on its social media operation. This can be added to Kim’s murdering a hooker tweet and the choice to use a painting about the massacre of civilians to promote a party. For a party that claims to understand the internet, there seems to be a rather large number of mistakes showing up.