Internet Party’s claims already being disputed

Today was launch day for The Internet Party. It didn’t start off well with Kim Dot Com having to deny claims that he has Nazi sympathies.


However, they are not the claims that are being disputed. Earlier today the Internet Party posted this image on Twitter.

dot com 4


This claim of taking 3 minutes to upload was disputed by a Twitter user, with an interesting image of their own.

dot come 3

All political ads in NZ need to have an authorisation statement on them, so people know who approved the ad. This must include an address at which the person can readily be found during business hours. Now what Rohan has done is look up the address used and found that that location has access to up to 100Mbps internet. I have said this before, but if you are a political party and you are going to make claims, be able to back them up. Or provide the context.


I used the same site Rohan used and looked up what internet access at the Dot Com Mansion might be like. Sure it is slower than what is available in the central city, but I doubt that it would take 3 min to upload a social media sized image.

dot comt 5


Now of course hyperbole is a key tool in political communication. But it may not be the best tool to use on day one of your party having been launched, even more so when it is something that is so disprove.



I have just had a link forwarded to me, from the NBR website. In 2012 Kim Dot Com paid over $100K to have fibre laid to the door of the Dot Com Mansion. So he already has ready access to fibre speeds.


This raises an interesting question though, has Kim made it possible for his neighbours to access this fibre connection if they want?



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