MPs on Twitter: Tau Henare

Tau Henare needs no real introduction. He has been an MP from 1993 to 1999 and returned to Parliament in 2005. Tau is an extremely active user of Twitter.

tau 1

26,000 tweets and nearly 5,000 followers. He may not have the highest following of an MP on Twitter, but he is active. Tau’s other strength is that he replies to people. He gets the social nature of social media.

Tau is currently on holiday in San Sebastian, so there are some interesting tweets coming out. Like this one.











tau 2





One thing that Tau is also good at is using hashtags. When he attends conferences, he is good at using the hashtags associated with the conference. This helps people see what he is up to in his role as an MP. Though, as you can see from some of the other hashtags he has used, Tau has a bit of a sense of humour.






tau 6







Tau has a history of being a bit of a straight shooter, calling it as he sees it. Some times this has the potential to get him into a bit of trouble. However, other times he gets a good response.

tau 5




This tweet is in relation to the story about Mojo and her interview in the Wairarapa. This Tweet got a solid response on Twitter.


Tau does spark some interesting conversations and the fact that he is willing to put himself out there makes him well worth a follow.

tau 3
















Tau is also very proud of his families achievements and Tweets about this.

tau 7 tau 8









Tau uses Twitter well. He gets himself out there and he engages. Tau uses Twitter in a way that is different to many MPs, but his Twitter personality is a reflection of his own personality.