The Internet Party and Alastair Thompson

So far this year we have already seen a failed attempt by Kim Dot Com to launch his political party, after having it pointed out that his plans to hold a party might breach electoral law. Coming up on Thursday we have the relaunch of the Internet Party.


In preparation for this second attempt to launch the Internet Party, I was getting ready to capture tweets sent by the new InternetPartyNZ twitter account, and tweets sent to the #internetparty hashtag. The initial run of the script captured 1158 tweets, of which 580 of them were unique tweets.


What I found most interesting about the data was some of the people who appeared in the list of people most featured in the captured tweets.


But first some background. Around the time of the first attempt to launch the party it was revealed that Alastair Thompson, one of the founders and editor of, was involved as the General Secretary of the yet to be formed party. It was obvious to many that the roles of political party General Secretary and editor of a media organisation that was member of the Press Gallery were not compatible. This resulted in Alastair resigning his role resigning his role as editor and CEO of Scoop, 9 days later he resigned his role as General Secretary.


AT6 days after that, the NZ Herald ran a story about Alastair wanting to get involved again in the running of Scoop. In the last 10 days, he has authored at least two stories on the website (see screen grab left).


So you might be asking why all of this background on Alastair Thompson? I will let the data do the talking. Below is a table of all the tweets from @althecat from 0800GMT 23 March till just after 0800GMT on 24 March. So in the space of just over 24 hours we have Alastair tweeting or retweeting 9 tweets to the #internetparty hashtag. Most of the tweets are either positive towards the party, or cryptic. 3 of them come from the new General Secretary of the Internet Party and 3 come from Kim Dot Com.


This raises the question around Alastair’s on going ability to function as an impartial journalist. It is already publicly known that he has been involved in the party, there is now evidence that he still sympathetic to the cause of the Internet Party. Will he be using his position at scoop to support them?


althecat RT @vikram_nz: Exhausted but happy that #InternetParty squared the circle for member sign-up: met NZ electoral law and Apple’s App Store ru… Mon Mar 24 08:14:39 +0000 2014
althecat “A vehicle for young and disaffected NZers to storm the political institutions of Wellington” #nzpol #InternetParty Sun Mar 23 08:03:23 +0000 2014
althecat RT @KimDotcom: #InternetParty News: Dotcom claims first Member of Parliament Sun Mar 23 08:04:54 +0000 2014
althecat RT @KimDotcom: I want YOU for the #InternetParty. Sun Mar 23 08:05:43 +0000 2014
althecat RT @vikram_nz: Tomorrow should be interesting #InternetParty Sun Mar 23 08:06:33 +0000 2014
althecat RT @KimDotcom: Herald on Sunday editorial: Openness, not shock and awe #InternetParty Sun Mar 23 08:36:53 +0000 2014
althecat RT @callumvalentine: Excited and proud to announce my involvement with the #InternetParty – I’m managing the SM side of things. Going to b… Sun Mar 23 08:37:50 +0000 2014
althecat RT @CDeutschm: Has #johnbanks and the #internetparty struck a #deal? Sun Mar 23 08:38:33 +0000 2014
althecat RT @vikram_nz: Why I’m happy working for the #InternetParty – we won’t let USA write NZ’s laws Sun Mar 23 08:39:59 +0000 2014


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  1. So much for the way that Scoop describes itself: is New Zealand’s leading news resource for news-makers and the people that influence the news (as opposed to a news site for “news consumers”).

    It brings together the information that is creating the news as it is released to the media, and is therefore a hub of intelligence for the professionals (not just media) that shape what we read. presents all the information driving the news of the day in the form it is delivered to media creating a “no spin” media environment and one that provides the full context of what is “reported” as news later in the day.

    It’s audience has a circle of influence far greater than the number of reported readers, which averages more than 450 000 a month, and it is a key part of the New Zealand media landscape. is accredited to the New Zealand Parliament Press Gallery and fed by a multitude of Business, Non-Government-Organisation, Regional Government and Public Relations communication professionals.

    We are the leading independent news publication in New Zealand and value our independence strongly.

    Scoop’s owner is one of the Labour Party’s most significant donors, and Thompson still seems to be shilling for the Internet Party and Dotcom. That makes an absolute nonsense of Scoop’s claim to “value our independence strongly”.

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