Labour, McDonalds and Intellectual Property.

At 1:30pm today, the Labour party Twitter account posted an info graphic containing an image of McDonalds Golden Arches. It has since been deleted. I am awaiting comment from those involved. More to come on this story.

mcds 1









UPDATE: I have contacted Megan Woods office, the Labour Party Research Unit, McDonalds and the Intellectual Property Office for comment. I am awaiting a reply from all of them on this story.

mcds 2However we still have the page on the Labour Party website that was referred to in the graphic live on their website.







mcds 3David Cunliffe’s account also retweeted the graphic before it was pulled. Is this an indication of the Labour parties views on trade marks?


If any of the people or organisations involved wish to comment, I am happy to hear from them.

UPDATE 2: I have recieved a reply this morning from the Communications Manager at McDonalds, they have declined to comment on this.



  1. I understand that McDonalds has denied any involvement in applying for contracts to build schools in New Zealand. This is looking increasingly like a McCunliffe/McCarten McCock-up!

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