Justice, BIM and “withheld information”

There has been a burst of Briefings to Incoming Ministers released in the last few days. There has been talk about the information that is being withheld in them. It would be good though, if departments wanted to withhold information, if they managed to actually acheive that. I have just been tipped off that the Justice BIM has issues around this. The BIM can be found here. If you highlight the areas withheld:



Then copy and paste it into a text editor, it is possible to see what has been withheld:

“giving Police flexibility to achieve optimal use of its people and deliver more responsively’
Now I am not going to get into the debate about what should and shouldn’t be withheld in BIMs. But If you are going to withhold stuff, before you post it online, it might pay to make sure that it has actually been withheld, and is not obtainable using a method such as this. DIA and Treasury seem to have it right, but it looks like Justice can’t figure it out.